Friday, March 26, 2010

2010 Crossing the creek on a log NE of control 30

Many participants took advantage of a log that was spanning the creek near the Wetlands Trail to reach the area where control 30 was located.

Here is a video of a 11-year old crossing the creek on that log

2010 Route of Randy Mitchell in 6-hr

Randy placed second overall, with a very efficient route that maximized points per distance traveled. He found all the four controls that had the highest point value, 50 points. On the eastern portion, he found all except one control. He also ignored all the "mystery" controls, each worth only 20 points, and concentrated only on his plan and route that he planned in advance.

the route

2010 Route of team Disoriented Weasels Pelvicly Thrusting

A team with a name like "Disoriented Weasels Pelvicly Thrusting" deserves an award no matter what placement they ended up finishing. They concentrated on the controls up north. They also found two of the four "mystery" controls.

the route

2010 Route of Todd in 3-hr

They went up north, wanting to bag that 50-pointer that was relatively close to the start. They also found 3 of the 4 mystery controls, and could have found the fourth one easily, since on the finishing hour, they walked right by the "mother" control but ignored it for not risking being late.

The route

2010 Video of Jim Trautmann finishing

Thursday, March 25, 2010

2010 Route of course setter

if the course setter had to pick up the 50 controls and without knowing where the mystery controls were located, he would follow this route. (btw, small error near km 16, and it misses a nearby control, so the actual overall route should actually be slightly more than 33 km)

2010 Route of Harper Forbes in 6-hr

Harper covered 33.5 km in six hours in this route

2010 Results



any time over the allotted time was penalized with 10 points/minute late

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Logo designed by artist/illustrator John Hinderliter

The logo was designed by Pittsburgh-based graphic artist and illustrator John Hinderliter. Notice at how the map shown is a reproduction of the actual park map. More of John's work can be seen at his website.